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Korea Startup Podcast

Discover the secrets of the most successful startups in South Korea

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Why starting a business in Korea?

The startup ecosystem in South Korea is experiencing exponential growth, and numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs are emerging in the country due to its advanced technology, vibrant ecosystem, and large domestic market.

However, founders may also face several challenges such as high competition, cultural differences, language barriers, etc.

In this podcast, you will learn actionable tips and strategies from the Top Leaders in Korean entrepreneurship to help you thrive in this country.

Image by Jukka Aalho

What do we talk about?

Founder´s Stories

  • Biggest challenges.

  • Accomplishments.

  • Lessons learned.

  • Keys behind their success.

  • Career.


  • Technology.

  • Investment. 

  • Leadership.

  • Finance.

  • Business strategy.

  • team management.

Korea Startup Ecosystem

  • Culture and mentality.

  • Trends. 

  • Main players.

  • Government policies. (Funding and investment)

  • Leading industries (Kpop, Kbeauty, Kdrama..)

Behind The Mic

When we arrived to Korea we were impressed by its entrepreneurial ecosystem and the opportunities it brings. We want to make Korea a top destination for foreign entrepreneurs by sharing the experiences of successful Korean entrepreneurs and making the startup scene more accessible to outsiders through English content.

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Sebastian Ruiz
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Laida Landea
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Phoenix Hoang
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